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With tremendous excitement and gratitude to HaShem, Young Israel of Memphis has launched a $3 million capital campaign to build an entirely new Shul.  This effort is the culmination of a dream we have had since Young Israel was first established more than 21 years ago – to build a permanent home and Makom Torah for our Shul.


Our new Shul will be a spacious and tranquil environment that will enhance our davening and the spiritual growth of our Kehila.  An Education Center with a library and numerous classrooms and other spaces for educational programming, children’s activities, and youth groups is a key part of the new facility.  The new building also will include a social hall with a commercial kitchen so we can better accommodate life cycle events and host a broad range of social and community functions.

Donor Levels








$250,000 and above

$180,000 and above

$100,000 and above

$75,000 and above

$50,000 and above

$25,000 and above

$10,000 and above

A Dedication Board in the Shul will recognize donors at these levels.


Campaign gifts can be spread out up to five years and numerous dedication opportunities are available at a variety of different giving levels.  We invite everyone in our extended Young Israel “family,” as well as the entire community, to partner with us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and support this important mission to build the new Young Israel.

Dedication Opportunities


Shul Building
Social Hall 
Education Center

Beis Medrash
Aron Kodesh & Paroches
Culinary Center
*Bimah & Cover
*Early Childhood Classroom 

Classroom (4)
Rabbi’s Study 
Coat Room 
Amud & Cover 
Yamim Noraim Paroches
*Ner Tamid
*Yartzeit Board

Torah Crown

Stained Glass Window (12)

*Yamim Noraim Bimah Cover 
Yamim Noraim Amud Cover 
Rabbi’s Shtender
Mechitzah Partition (8-10)
*Washing Station (2)













Contact us to discuss pledges or contributions

531 South Yates Road, Memphis, TN, 38120



531 South Yates Road Memphis TN 38120        (901) 761-6060

 Rabbi Akiva Males